This is always an important lesson. We are in such a high stress time in the world, more than usual. There are legitament horrible things happening to people. And I’m going to be honest, my heart has been heavy in this time. There’s so much uncertainty and there have been things that have come to light in this time that have been really painful to know. I’ve had days where I don’t want to get out of bed, go to work, or see friends. I won’t stick on this for too long, but the point I want to get at…

This is something that people take a long time to get for some reason. And if this isn’t you, then great! Let this be just a gentle reminder or confirmation. This could just be my experience, but when I talk to people my age, young twenties, most of the time, there’s some kind of disconnect.

Think of it like this, you are what you eat doesn’t mean you’re suddenly going to morph into a donut, but it does mean you produce what you consume. So basically if you sit on the couch and eat all day, which is one way…

You are gonna be your biggest critique. I think that most people disqualify themselves before anyone else gets the chance. Like, I’m actually curious how many people, when they’re going to chase their dreams, how many people actually tell them they can’t do something. Like, one or two, even three, even five. That’s going to feel like everyone, but when you actually think about how many people probably think you can do it, five shouldn’t be the end all be all. Are you going to let five people stop you? Really?

What I’m really trying to get at with this…

The downfall of being the PROTAGONIST of your own life

We are the protagonists of our own life. Right? We tend to be the heros of our own story. We look back on our life, all the people that have wronged us, remember the scares that people inflicted upon us. We seek justice. All that good stuff. Look, everyone has that perspective.

Let’s get really real. That girl who stole your boyfriend, she’s the antagonist of your life, but the protagonist of her own life. And I’ve been in the situation where I didn’t realize the guy I was dating…

People show you who they are with their actions

I know so many of us get confused because whoever says that they love us, but they’re never there for us. Trying looking at it like this, if someone says they love you, watch to see if they back it up with their actions. What someone says is not the end all be all of how they really feel.

Actions speak louder than words. Your actions follow your value system. You can only fake for so long what you really feel inside.

This is why the saying goes, if you give…

You get bitter or you get better

Another way of looking at it is you either heal or you get revenge

The thing with revenge is that you have to become what you hate because you have to get even. If you’re not that thing you forgive, that’s the only other option.

The thing is that we think that when we hold resentment towards the other person that it hurts them, it’s justice. To a certain degree, especially if it’s someone close to you, they’ll be hurt like that. But this is articificial power you see. Because you don’t have…

Everything you do doesn’t have to be productive.

Maybe someone just needs to hear this today.

You don’t need to make money off of your hobby.

Doing something just because you get pleasure out of it, is enough

You don’t have to work every day of the week and drive yourself to the bone.

Look, I think that everyone should be productive on this earth to some degree, but I think in western culture we’ve driven it to an extreme where our very lives have become a brand and everything has to be cool and have the ability to be…

This is something I wish I’d realized a lot earlier in life. Because we so often discount ourselves or think we’re inadequet because of what people do to us. We think we’re unworthy of the life that we want because other people might think that.

We will lose out on opportunities because we accept what someone else has told us.

I have two points:

One- Other people being cruel to you has little to do with who you are and everything to do with them. …

Do you ever feel a twinge when someone doesn’t laugh at your joke? When your boss tells you to complete a task and then hovers over your shoulder the entire time? When you want to stand up to that one person but they always seem to get the last word?

Of course, you’re human. There’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Yeah, this is going to be one of “those” posts… Just grab yourself a cup of tea, a brownie, bag of popcorn, whatever it is you do to relax and unwind.

In a study done by Brené Brown, a social…

In my experience, going to a ministry school that specializes in “open heart surgery” and intentionally cultivate an environment that is meant to trigger you, a saying you often hear is “it’s okay to not be okay”.

I understand that the heart behind this message is that the world will not fall apart if you do. You shouldn’t have to keep up a facade for the comfort of others. Sometimes you need the space to not “do” but rather just “be”.

I think that’s a well meaning message that has put to words the feelings of many, including myself.


Hannah Fernald

Writer, mover, ground breaker

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