You are what you Eat

This is something that people take a long time to get for some reason. And if this isn’t you, then great! Let this be just a gentle reminder or confirmation. This could just be my experience, but when I talk to people my age, young twenties, most of the time, there’s some kind of disconnect.

Think of it like this, you are what you eat doesn’t mean you’re suddenly going to morph into a donut, but it does mean you produce what you consume. So basically if you sit on the couch and eat all day, which is one way to live, you do you I guess, but don’t expect to see a six pack any time soon. Don’t expect to be able to run a marathon, don’t expect to date a model, don’t expect to feel great, because why would your body reward you for treating it that way?

Whether you realize it or not what you let into your life through movies, books, music, friends, politics, news, self-talk you name it, that’s what’s going to come out. So if you’re constantly listening to stuff about crime, drugs, partying all night, hate, laziness, just plane negativity, what do you think you’re going to produce?

Why do we think we can produce love with hate? It sounds cheesey, but I see us getting so upset when we don’t have the job, the lifestyle that we want, boo boo, maybe you haven’t earned it.

I remembered a couple years ago I had a friend of mine who started a business, same age as me, her own boss, making tons of money. I talked to her about it. She said she didn’t know if it was worth it because she had no idea how much work it would be. The stress of not knowing if they were gonna get business or not. She basically never stopped working. She’s still doing her business today and is doing very well. That being said, she put up the risk, the money, time, the energy to make this thing happen. Her life.

And before I caught myself, I’m sitting her thinking, geesh, why isn’t that me? I deserve that. Maybe in the grander sense, like I could have that opportunity, but I don’t deserve that. I don’t have the right to scoff at others achievments when I haven’t done what it takes to get there.

But look, I’ve done other things. I have my own accomplishments. I have done so much work on myself and that’s a project that will never be done, but I’ve still made progress non the less. And it started with reading improvement books, listening to podcasts, waking up early, working out, facing fears, not by scrolling endlessly, wasting hours on netflix, hanging with just anyone who would give me the time, no it was purpose, intentionality, planning.

I’ll just end with this, look at yourself as if you were a boss and yourself came in as a job applicant for the life you want to live. If you looked at your resume, would you give yourself the job?




Writer, mover, ground breaker

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Hannah Fernald

Hannah Fernald

Writer, mover, ground breaker

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